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Articles published about Steele Point Estate:
  • Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine: September 2010
    "Steele Away"
    69292_eprint.pdf (2.7MB)
  • Millionaire Magazine: Jan-Feb 2004
    "Steele Point, Tortola BVI, offers a cure for the 21st century stress syndrome"
    Millionaire_Mag.pdf (474K)
  • Architectural Digest
    "Idyll Pleasures, Paradise Found in the British Virgin Islands"
    Arch_Dig.pdf (2.5MB)
    Steinway & Sons 2004 Magazine
    "Island: Touring the British Virgin Islands like the locals is a relaxing and entertaining journey"
    Steinway_Article.pdf (3,500K)
  • Island Life 2007 Magazine
    excerpt from "Heaven on Earth", spectacular views of Steele Point
    islandlifearticle.pdf (648K)
  • Reviewed in Directory4Traveling
    Comprehensive Travel Online Directory

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